Funding Initiative

Investing in the Future of Rural Illinois
Funding Initiative – 2014

Mission of Rural Partners

Rural Partners is a member-driven forum that links individuals, businesses, organizations and communities with public and private resources to maximize the potential of rural Illinois.

Purpose of Funding Assistance

Rural Partners seeks to:

  • Support and leverage investments of communities, agencies and organizations to maximize the potential of rural Illinois.
  • Develop models of successful development or innovation that could be useful in local communities, or across the state.
  • Create incentives for collaborative approaches to issues of importance to rural areas.
  • Develop venues for rural issues to gain statewide visibility.
  • Develop efficient processes to address issues of importance to rural communities.

Rural Partners wants to support collaborative, change-oriented projects that respond to or address a need evident or identified at the community level. Rural Partners would like to announce $15,000 in available funding for such projects, beginning in 2014.

Proposals must be recommended by a member of Rural Partners.

Review Process:
Preliminary Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors of Rural Partners. The Board will invite selected project proposals to submit complete applications.

Within sixty days of the conclusion of the project, Rural Partners requires a report of expenditures and a final report on the project activities to be presented at a board meeting.

Preliminary Application:
Preliminary Applications shall be submitted to Rural Partners. Rural Partners will review the Preliminary Applications and contact applicants for more information which shall be included in a Project Proposal. Preliminary Applications shall be no more than four pages and shall include the following:

  • Title of the project
  • Name and contact information for the project manager and all project partners.
  • Describe why the proposed project is relevant to the goals of Rural Partners.
  • Describe how the work will be carried out.
  • Capacity of the project team. Describe the capacity of the project partners and supporting agencies or organizations.
  • Anticipated outcomes. Describe how the project will benefit stakeholders.
  • List major budgeted items.

Deadline for Preliminary Applications: Expired

Read the Rural Partners Funding Assistance criteria for proposals.

Funding Amounts
Rural Partners has committed $15,000 in funding for projects in 2014.

Submit Preliminary Applications to:

Rural Partners
PO Box 7317
Springfield, IL 62791

Or (preferred):
As an email attachment sent to

Rural Partners will contact applicants for more information toward completing a Project Proposal and Application. No project will be funded without a completed Project Proposal.