Current Activities

The activities of Rural Partners are intended to be value-added and not duplicative. Our strength is in our networking and collaborative skills. The following are examples of successes our members have experienced and have credited Rural Partners’ network, leadership training, and /or direct involvement in that success.

Partners for Rural America Releases 2017 Annual Report
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Rural Partners Annual Meeting March 7, 2018

At the Rural Partners annual meeting, members approved the 2017 financial statements and the 2018 budget, and elected board members and officers. Molly Hammond, Carol Jo Fritts, Steve Kline, Valerie Ross, Norm Walzer and Kim Watson were elected to the board. Officers elected include Molly Hammond, Chair; Laura Hepp Kessel, Vice-Chair; Jerry Townsend, Treasurer; Carol Jo Fritts, Assistant Treasurer; Pat Gleason, Secretary; and Anne Silvis, Assistant Secretary. All members of Rural Partners are invited to board meetings. The July 10 meeting should be of particular interest, as the meeting will be hosted by Carol Jo Fritts and include visits to development sites in Cumberland County. In 2017, membership meetings included a visit to the Trefzger’s Bakery redevelopment project in Peoria Heights, and a meeting hosted by SIU School of Medicine to discuss rural health issues. Rep. Andy Manar attended the meeting at SIU School of Medicine and presented information about school funding reform.